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   ASK about our Genuine apple screens. Now open till 10 pm everyday

iPhone repairs - All other repairs for any iPhone.

 iPhone repairs & part replacement.

Water liquid damage repair: £35

First make sure your phone is switched off. Do not attempt to turn on again. Our service entails cleaning and drying all the components and connectors on the logice board as well as removing any corrosion by way of ultrasonic cleaning.

Home button repair : £25

Has your home button stopped working. We will replace this. Please be aware that touch ID can be affected.

Lightning port / charging port : £25

Symtoms for replacement are:

-Charging port damaged.

-iPhone not recognised by iTunes.

Headphone jack & mic repair : £25

Headphones wont plug into port. Crackling or no sound out of headphones when plugged in.

 iPhone parts replacement & repairs:

Battery Replacement: £25

iPhone batteries have an average life span of 1 year.

Symtoms for replacement are:

-The battery takes a long time to recharge.

-The battery does not hold the charge for long.

Camera repair front or rear: £29

If your camera does not function correctly or opens to a blank screen. We will replace the complete assembly.

Power button /volume button /mute button: £29

Does your buttons stick or have no function?


Back case/ Complete outer housing replacement and all internal parts excluding logic board: £75

Renew your phone internal and outer parts.

 iPhone 6s backlight repair. On board repair. No Backlight after screen replacement. 


Has your iPhone recently had a screen change and now there is no backlight? Well then your back light circuit is blow.

This is a common problem for iPhone repairers that do not disconnect the battery before taking the old screen off during a screen change.

The classic symptom is that the iPhone is on but there is no screen display. If you shine a bright light on to the screen you should see the screen icons.

Your phone is recognised by itunes but there is no screen.


This repair is not for the beginner and only experienced technicians will be able to repair it. Yes its fixable. So if you are looking for a iPhone 6s backlight repair in London, we can help.

Send in your iPhone or bring it in to us at iPhone Repairs Ruislip. We will repair your backlight on your iPhone on the same day.


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